Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards

the festival

Lisbon suddenly became a European Mecca for all kinds of artistic and cultural ventures. And although Lisbon’s cosmopolitan culture is booming some say that a small town intimate feeling is still in place when walking through quarters like Alfama. An artist, impressed by Lisbon’s cultural renaissance, said:

“It’s like a village, but our clients are from all over the world!”

From this intimate yet international city comes the CinAlfama Lisbon International Film Awards. Fully open to diversity – all genres, lengths and subjects – we look forward to find new voices and aim to award personality and singularity – the Cinalfama mystique!

The Cinalfama Awards are bestowed every two months in the live Cinalfama Awards’ Sessions, where the winners will be announced and the best Feature Film and best Short Film categories will be screened.
Footage of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions is already available.

The winner films in each of these Cinalfama Sessions will automatically compete in the 2017 Cinalfama Annual Award Session, where all the “Best Short Film” and “Best Feature Film” winners will be screened once more.

Check out our youtube channel to watch the official selections’ clips and media coverage footage.

the city in film award

The Cinalfama Awards stemmed from a famous cineclub’s sessions in Lisbon. To reflect on the ever changing identity of the city has always been a main focus of its production company A Cidade e as Cenas.

More relevant than ever, the subject of urban identity and the portrayal of the city in film will be subject for a specific annual award: the City in Film Award.

the sessions

Samples of the 4 “best music” nominees will kick off the Cinalfama Sessions in a clip that also introduces all the nominees and announces the winners.
Best “Short Film” and best “Feature Film” will be projected.
An informal conversation, with the aim to extend the two films' relevance well beyond their cinematic borders, will be held.
If the duration of the awarded films allows for it, we will always be keen on showing a few more of our awarded films.
This festival would never be possible without the invaluable contribution of our Cinalfama Partners.
All films will be projected in their original language and subtitled in english.

tasca beat do rosário

Right in the heart of Lisboa, in one of its most tucked away and magical alleys, “Tasca Beat do Rosário” will be the home of the Cinalfama Awards Sessions.

It belongs to one of the most relevant Portuguese world music bands: “Oquestrada”. They are all about popular culture and urban identity, intimacy and cosmopolitism.

“Tasca Beat do Rosário” has a cinema tradition as its set is idyllic for the outdoor Cinalfama Summer Editions (September 2016, May and July 2017).

festival partners