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Educational Project

Cinalfama has been exhibiting its cinematographic program since 2009 in close collaboration with one of the oldest, most authentic and resilient symbols of the true soul of Alfama: Grupo Sportivo Adicense (GSA), founded in 1914. Several world-renowned fado singers began their careers serving tables at this historic institution — an institution that remains alive in the face of constant transformations felt in the urban landscape of the neighborhood.

Cinalfama's educational project is born from the desire to develop an activity of permanent involvement with the neighborhood, its residents and its visitors, through three different projects that intend to contribute to the enrichment and densification of the very idea of Alfama.

ANIM Cinemateca Portuguesa

Research and collection of audiovisual material about Alfama from the National Archive of Moving Images of the Cinemateca Portuguesa.

Grupo Sportivo Adicense Arquive

Preservation and digitization of the photographic collection of +110 years of activity of the Grupo Sportivo Adicense (headquarters of Cinalfama).

Open call "O Tecido Alfamense"

Planning project for a future open call, with the aim of documenting, reflecting and working on the Alfama neighbourhood.

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