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Seasonal Screenings
and Awards

Since 2016, the Cinalfama Association has organized three regular competitive film screenings at the headquarters of Grupo Sportivo Adicense in the center of Alfama, in the months of January, April, and October.

Every year, we receive around 1500 film submissions (the best are then selected and presented) of all genres, lengths, and formats.

The public is invited to (re)discover Alfama through nights of independent cinema screenings and recover their experience of the neighborhood. The winning films from these 3 sessions will be screened at the new annual Lisbon International Film Festival.

January 2023

Screening of the winning films from our January 2023 Edition of the Seasonal Screenings.

Free Event

English Subtitles

Rua de São Pedro, 20


Winners of January 23 Edition


something ever missing.jpg

Something Ever Missing

a film by Laura Thomassaint


Best Medium or Feature Film and Best Directing

Night Visit.jpg

Night Visit

a film written and directed by Mya Kaplan


Best Short Film and Best Screenplay

Ana Wants to be a Great Actress.jpg

Ana Wants to be a Great Actress

a film by Mauricio Battistuci

Best Acting - Sofia Aflalo Maruci 

Hunting Period.jpg

Hunting Period

a film by Elodie Beaumont


Best Debut Film

Watch Cinalfama on Vimeo


Best Medium or Feature Film

Best in the World

Denmark, directed by Hans Christian Post


Brazil, directed by Pedro Amorim

Silenced Tree

Turkey, directed by faysal soysal

Best Short Film

Good Evening

France, directed by Antoine Giorgini


The Jacket

Réunion, directed by Julien Techer


France, directed by Clément Rière


My Dad Gets a Smartphone

USA, directed by Sarah Wells

The Egret River

Taiwan, directed by Wan-Ling Liu

Best Acting


Other Cats to Nip

France, Sophie-Marie Larrouy

Idiot Fish

France, Domhall Herdman


France, Andrea Maggiulli

Night Visit

Israel, Elisheva Weil

Best Directing

Without You

Spain, directed by Feyrouz Serhal

Alex’s Machine

France, directed by Mael Le Mée

Night Visit

Israel, directed by Mya Kaplan

Ana Wants to be a Great Actress

Brazil, Sofia Aflalo Maruci

Best Screenplay

Mornings When We Go Back Home

Poland, Written by Tymoteusz Piątek

Les Chiens

France, written by Devigne  Floriane


Silenced Tree

Turkey, written by Faysal Soysal

The Egret River

Taiwan, written by Wan-Ling Liu

Best Debut Film

Something Ever Missing

France, directed by Laura Thomassaint

Mornings When We Go Back Home

Poland, directed by Bartosz Piątek

My Dad Gets a Smartphone

USA, directed by Sarah Wells

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