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Seasonal Screenings

Since 2016, Associação Cinalfama has been organizing independent cinema nights at the Grupo Sportivo Adicense headquarters. Every year we receive around 1500 films from all over the world. The selected films are presented in 3 sessions: January, April and October and displayed at the Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Festival.


Make sure you read the regulation carefully before submitting your film. When you're ready, you can use any of the following platforms to complete your submission: FilmFreeway, FilmFestivalLife, ClickforFestivalsFesthomeMovibeta, SFilmmaker.

Submissions open until

April 10, here.

Next session:
Apr 23 – 9:30pm

Grupo Sportivo Adicense

Rua de São Pedro 20

Free Event

Subtitles in English

January 2024 Selection

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