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Cinalfama's mission is to animate Alfama, put the spotlight on, mobilise and transcend the Alfamense (Alfama's) mythology, promoting the reflection on the neighborhood and the deep transformations of recent years. With the observatory about the world and Alfama, we want to contribute to the enrichment and densification of the very idea of it, reflecting on it, historicizing it, giving it a present.

We do this by revitalizing alleys and forgotten lanes of the neighborhood and we give life to one of the oldest cultural clubs of Alfama: Grupo Sportivo Adicense.

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We started as an informal project that projected independent cinema in the secluded alleys of Alfama, against its iconic white walls.

Cinalfama reached maturity becoming a regular international competitive event and a cultural reference in Lisbon: the Cinalfama Seasonal Screening and Awards were born.

We took a step further – an outdoor event in different corners of Alfama, to celebrate world independent cinema - the Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Festival.

Submissions for the 3rd edition in July 2024, are now open. Know more

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