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Educational Project

Cinema and Community

CINALFAMA's educational project seeks not only to integrate the local community but also to involve schools and cultural associations from this and other Lisbon neighborhoods with similar realities and contexts.

We understand cinema as a community instrument and, in this sense, we seek to promote collaborative projects and plan alternative and permanent programming, bringing together the public that lives on the streets of neighborhoods and their visitors, taking them as an integral part of the festival and an active contribution to the enrichment and densification of Alfama’s own imagery.

We believe that the registration of intangible heritage is in itself a pedagogical concept that must be explored and disseminated among local and school communities in order to enhance the collective and geographical memory of Alfama.

Starting from the premise that to see the neighborhood you need to leave the neighborhood, we intend to bring together the conditions to take Cinalfama to schools, expanding its area of influence and creating new audiences.

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