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Since 2016, the Associação (Association) Cinalfama has been organizing regular competitive film sessions at the headquarters of Grupo Sportivo Adicense in the center of Alfama. Every year, 1500 films are submitted to us from all over the world. The best are showcased in 3 sessions: January; April and October.

The public is invited to (re)discover Alfama in independent cinema nights and recover their experience of the neighborhood. The winning films from these 3 sessions will be screened at the new Cinalfama International Film Festival.

In July 2022 we took a step further through the creation of an annual open-air event that showcased independent films from all around the world and gave a new life to the historic corners of the Alfama district, during a week in july.

The second edition promises a celebration in Alfama within a deep dialogue with its audience and a rich variety of events, debates, workshops with specialists, and a special focus on the educational service.

Submissions are now open for the 2nd edition in july 2023!

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