Tucked into the backstreets of Lisbon’s old town, Alfama, our intimate screenings take place in the city’s oldest cultural house, Grupo Sportivo Adicense. 


We host three seasonal screening editions throughout the year, to showcase and award the best talent and films of each one.


These are free entrance and all films have English subtitles. 

Due to the current pandemic and associated restrictions, we have decided to host this current July 2020 edition online, making available a selection of the very best films of the season.


Check out what’s on…


Directed by Gergely Lőrinczi

Hungary/Romania, 15’

Best Debut Film

Private Eye

Written and directed by Constance Meyer

France, 22’

Best Acting (Florence Loiret Caille)

Invasion, The Unist’ot’en’s Fight for Sovereignty

Directed by Michael Toledano

Canada, 18’

Best Short (ex aequo)

Next Screenings

21 Jul - 21 Aug


Online Event

Ghostly Remote Effect

Directed by Marcus Hanisch and Written by Anna-Lena Theobald


Best Directing and Best Screenplay


Written and directed by Dekel Berenson

Ukraine/UK, 15’

Best Short Film (ex aequo)

The Remandee

Directed by Alexander Lind and Jakob Jakobsen

Denmark/Zambia, 51’

Best Medium or Feature Film


Best Short

Father Neptune

Canada, directed by Erik Horn, 8’


Mexico, directed by Léa Soler, 10’


Best Directing

Depot Amsara

Germany, Beatrice Moller, 25’

What Remains

Poland, directed by Aliza Godlewska, 27’


Best Screenplay

Summer Time

France, written and directed by Andra Tévy, 15’

Private Eye

France, written and directed by Constance Meyer, 22’


Best Acting

Father Neptune

Canada, directed by Erik Horn, 7’ – Adam DiMarco


Poland, directed by Tomasz Janczar, 27’ – Anna Bieżyńska

Best Debut

Ward’s Henna Party

Egypt, directed by Morad Mostafa, 23’

The Ring, the Books and the Death

Portugal, Directed by Renato Milho, 97’


Best Medium or Feature Film

Tightrope Walkers

France, directed By Ilan Klipper, 75’

Mother Tongue

Israel, directed by Shai Alexandroni, 56’

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