Lisbon International Film Festival

A highly renowned juri will select the best out of the films submited to us in each of our four annual editions. Those films will be screened in world famous Alfama in a most intimate event set in the oldest and more resilient cultural club in Lisbon. The entrance is free and films are subtitled in english.

About Us

Grupo Sportivo Adicense exists since 1914. World famous fado singers started their career waiting tables in this historical institution. Adicense survived and still thrives amidst the everchanging urban landscape, much like Cinalfama.


Our Home

 We have some of the newest and more relevant Portugal cinematic voices in our juri. Amongst them are directors like Berlinale short film winner Leonor Teles and Locarno special mention recipient Pedro Cabeleira. 

Our Juri



Established in 1916, our home is one of the oldest and most autentic remaining symbol of the Alfama spirit. Cinalfama is back where it all began in 2009.


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